The Advantages Of Financial Security Before Marriage

The Advantages Of Financial Security Before Marriage

I disagree with what a lot of people would think, but I think a man should be financially stable and ready before getting married or starting a family.
Many people have told me that one can get married with minimal financial support and that things will improve after the marriage, but my fear is what will happen if things don’t change as expected.

Whether we like it or not, one of the pillars of a strong and happy marriage is financial stability.
This is due to the fact that, as a guy, when you get married, you take on responsibility for your wife’s family as well as your own.

I therefore fail to understand why a man would want to get married before he is ready financially.

I’ll tell you right now that more than half of divorces are brought on by financial problems; a man who is unable to provide for his family will find it challenging to sustain both his marriage and family.

Men in particular should be well-prepared both financially and otherwise before establishing a family or getting married.
Never feel compelled to get married because others are, even though you are obviously not ready, because they may be.
Before starting a family, you must be well-prepared.

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  1. Yes oooo bro it’s financial stability that makes most women to divorce their partner,it’s good to be financially stable before one can get married n mind you ladies not only the man oooo you also have work to do ladies


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