Which gender cheats more often, men or women?

Which gender cheats more often, men or women?

It is widely accepted that the majority of marriages and partnerships end because of infidelity.
The question of whether men or women commit adultery more frequently is controversial.

According to the General Social Survey, males are more likely than women to cheat, with 20% of men and 13% of women reporting having se# while they were still legally married.

Most men visit bars after work to have a drink with their friends.
Most of them go to a hotel room or the home of another woman instead of going home at all.

Women are built to remain calm under pressure in romantic situations.
They don’t like lying.
Women are more committed because of their nature even though they commit adultery less frequently.

To keep the family together and maintain a comfortable house, they follow the rules.
They cook, take care of the husband and children, etc.
She already has a lot of cleaning to do; how is she going to cheat.
For these reasons, women are more trustworthy.

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