95-Year-Old Man Marries 14-Year-Old Girl In Abuja Community

95-Year-Old Man Marries 14-Year-Old Girl In Abuja Community

A 95-year-old man identified as Alhaji Muhammad Sabo has reportedly married a young girl said to be 14 years old in Abuja community.

The wedding was said to have taken place on May 5, 2023, at Dogon Ruwa under Gawu in Abaji Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

People earlier expressed scepticism over the news when one Ibraheem Sa’eedu, posted photos of the couple and the wedding invite but he assured them that it was for real.

“Hard to believe to some, let me assure you that it’s real. Happy marriage in advance. The code is 05/05/23. Venue DOGON RUWA under Gawu, abaji Area council, F.C.T,” he wrote.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, May 6, he shared photos from the wedding and wrote;

“Finally the did has been done. I have witnessed ooo. Happy marriage life..tsoho.”

According to one, Hussaini Duma Jagaba, the groom said he and his new bride love each.

“As I witnessed this wedding I pray may God save the marriage. 14 year and 95 years. For the interview we made with the old man yesterday after the wedding fatiha, he said whatever people said he don’t care about that because they love each other some people may think they force her or she married him because of money, people should stop thinking negative about there marriage,” he wrote.

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm tufiakwa I actually saw this post on someone’s status last night but didn’t believe until I heard it on radio,what nonsense,hmmmmm but nothing wey we no go see nor hear for niger ooooo it’s well,Abeg wetin Dey wan born sef and even if the girl give birth to a baby the man no fit reap the child

  2. This is nonsense and ingredients, where are the parents of this girl?
    Even if na poverty dey worry them… that shouldn’t make them trade Their daughter for money bikonu
    This is not love abeg… it’s child abuse.


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