5 Pointers For Lagos Residents This December

It’s already December. It’s that time of year when everyone has significant debt to pay off while simultaneously wanting to flex.

Many people are forced to resort to doing heinous acts in December merely to make money. Lagos, Nigeria, is it safe to live there?

While you are working really hard to raise money, some people in Lagos are looking to steal from you on the street, and some are so desperate they are looking for anyone they may abduct and use for their ritual requirements.

Yes, it does, and it will continue to do so because some individuals want to flex but can’t put in the effort, so they choose ritual instead.

Never press your phone close to the window

Imagine losing your phone while frantically pressing it inside a bus with the window side facing you.

It can be really uncomfortable. Your brain will simply shut down and be unable to absorb what has just happened to you for the first 20 minutes.

E go be like say they dump cold water on your head, but after a few minutes, your brain will start to function again, and you will realize what has just happened.

Avoid touching your phone at all while riding the bus if you love yourself.

This time around, don’t struggle to get on the bus

This time around, try not to struggle to get on the bus, but if you really must, make sure your phone and wallet are never kept inside your pocket.

You can hold them securely or keep them in your bag. Instead of storing them in your pocket, do that.

Some of you might want to start Hard Guy, but if you’ve never seen a professional pickpocket, you might want to rethink that after seeing one.

Ignore Sienna If You Can, It’s Already December.

In Lagos, the Toyota Sienna is the car that kidnappers and armed robbers most frequently employ.

They pose as regular bus passengers, and if you accidentally enter one of them, you will never forget the encounter.

Kidnappers and armed robbers run 95% of the Siennas carrying passengers instead of using garages and parking lots. They would stop halfway to seize your stuff or even kidnap you in order to demand a ransom from your family members. How safe is it to live in Lagos, Nigeria?

They are active throughout the year, but they are most aggressive in the “Ember” months so they can have a great holiday season.

To prevent losing your hard-earned money, valuables, or even getting abducted during this time, try to only board buses at parks or parking garages.

Walk Like A Tout While Crossing A Lonely Road

When you’re alone and walking along a particularly hazardous route in Lagos, it’s often imperative that you lose your home training.

You might be wondering how this will assist, but I assure you that it does because it is a tried-and-true method. You won’t attract any nasty individuals who could try to get you or do you filthy if you walk like a tout.

Don’t respond if someone stops you and asks for directions.

Everyone in Lagos needs to stay vigilant throughout this time! Kala Pa

Being a pitiful person during the month of December might instantly cost you your life because asking for their assistance is a common way to get brainwashed and kidnapped.

Stop using Google Maps for people this time; if you want to go lost, you should get lost! Simply increase your speed and move if someone stops you to ask for directions.

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