Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour receives Afenifere’s endorsement for the LP

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour receives Afenifere’s endorsement for the LP

Afenifere, a pan-Yoruba sociopolitical organization, on Wednesday supported Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, a candidate for governor of the Lagos State Labour Party.

Rhodes-Vivour, if elected as the state’s next governor, would make a significant difference, according to Supo Shonibare, the group’s leader in the state.

Shonibare said the party’s success in the most recent presidential election was a confirmation of Afenifere’s moral stand regarding the necessity for equity, inclusivity, fairness, and justice during a press conference held in Lagos.

At the governorship election scheduled for Saturday, March 11, he also encouraged the Independent National Electoral Commission to make sure that the process for voting and uploading results through the BVAS will be flawless and in real-time.

The Gbadebo governorship and all Labour Party candidates for the Lagos State House of Assembly are recognized to be natural allies.

They also merit our consideration and support.
This synergy’s ability to foster teamwork would ensure a goal-oriented administration and end the many years of ineffective government in Lagos State.

Shonibare also called on local and international observers as well as voters to keep an eagle-eye watch on the conduct of security agencies and capture, where possible, infractions wherever they may occur.

He however urged Lagos, residents, to ignore the false narrative of taking over Lagos, just as he specifically noted that Lagos is not a no man’s land but a Yoruba territory.

He said,

“We implore Lagos residents to ignore provocative posts on social media, many enabled by agent provocateurs, and aimed at fanning the embers of disunity among peace-loving residents and intended to pitch the Yorubas against Igbos. Igbos voted for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in states in the Southeast, in the same way, that many Yoruba elected to vote for Mr Peter Obi in Lagos and other states in the Southwest.

“Sitting here with us are members of the Committee of Indigenes of Lagos State who are supporting the Rhode- Vivour and Princess Oyefusi Governor and Deputy Governorship bid. We also have Mr Rhodes-Vivour Senior- the father of the candidate with us. We enjoin Lagosians to ignore the false, virulent, desperate attacks on the person of Mr Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour and the false narrative of Igbo taking over Lagos. Mr Gbadebo Rhodes- Vivour is a Yoruba man, with his great-grandfather being one of the indigenous founders of new Lagos, after colonialism. Lagos is not a no man’s land. It is a Yoruba territory.”

Shonibare added that the government of Mr Rhodes-Vivour would be comprised of Indigenous Lagosians, as well as ensuring that all ethnic groups and foreigners resident in Lagos are afforded their basic rights to ensure that they all contribute to the continuing growth of a city that is the fifth largest economy in Africa.

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  1. I wonder why people are trying to create problems, by saying that the igbos want to take over Lagos.
    For crying out loud, they should be after unity, peace and justice. Not criticism.


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