How to Use Twitter Blue to Make Over N3 Million Per Month on Twitter (A Must Read)

How to Use Twitter Blue to Make Over N3 Million Per Month on Twitter (A Must Read)

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter a few months ago, I’m sure some of you have heard about “Twitter Blue.”

We are all aware that joining Twitter Blue merely verifies our accounts, but there are now additional benefits to joining.

Elon Musk has gone one step further to make Twitter more fascinating by enabling its users to start earning money while having fun, although this feature is only available to Twitter Blue members.

Since it just revealed plans to launch monetization tools, Elon Musk‘s platform would now “help people earn a living directly on Twitter.”

View a person’s most recent earnings:

Some authenticated Nigerian users claimed to have received notices of impending deposits, with one user claiming to be expecting almost N430,000.

The rewards are based on ads in replies to eligible users’ content.


Eligible users must be subscribed to Twitter Blue and have earned more than five million tweet impressions each month for the last three months and have a Stripe payment account, says Twitter.

The program incentivizes creators who contribute popular content that drives ads — rewarding accounts that help Twitter make money.

This means that creators can get a share in ad revenue starting in the replies to their posts.

According to Twitter’s content monetization standards, sexual content cannot be monetized.

Twitter also won’t allow creators to monetize copyrighted content that they do not own and content about “pyramid schemes or get-rich-quick schemes” (looking at you, crypto spammers), violence, criminal behaviors, gambling, or drugs and alcohol. If a creator tries to monetize that’s also a red flag.

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I wish you all the best, Twitter fans!

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