Samklef: “God Created Men To Cheat” (Video)

Samklef: “God Created Men To Cheat” (Video)

Samklef, a seasoned producer and performer from Nigeria, has claimed that it is in men’s nature to cheat on their partners.

In a recent conversation with prominent media figure Daddy Freeze, he stated the claim.

He emphasized that it’s common for males, including clergy, to cheat and that Nigerians are overly sentimental when the subject of infidelity comes up.

The singer of “Molowo Noni” mentioned notable biblical polygamists like Abraham, David, and Solomon.

Added Samklef,

“Nigerians are too emotional. We react with emotions. We dey do bad things, but we dey cover am.

“Nigerians should stop idolizing some people’s lives. Let people be. Pastors, Imams… Who doesn’t cheat? Na God create us to cheat.”

Watch video below:

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