Valencia Fans Chant Monkey Sounds At Real Madrid Star Vinicius Junior (WATCH VIDEO)

Valencia Fans Chant Monkey Sounds At Real Madrid Star Vinicius Junior (WATCH VIDEO)

Is it a crime to be a black Person?

I might have to stop watching LA LIGA and we would stop posting Spanish LA LIGA stories on Blastgist.

This “kind of madness” does not happen in the Premier League. This is too bad. I cant believe we are dealing with this in 2023.

Valencia fans were caught on camera racially abusing Real Madrid star Vinicius Junior during a football match on Sunday.

Real Madrid manager Ancelotti already spoke about the matter, criticizing Valencia and La Liga for condoning racism.

“They should have suspended the match then and there. It wasn’t one person. It was a whole stadium that went crazy,” he told reporters after Real Madrid suffered a 1-0 defeat.

“I had never before seen a whole stadium being racist. Maybe I’ve seen a few people being racist, but I had never seen that from a whole stadium.

A Video from twitter shows how Valencia fans were directing Monkey Sounds at Vinicius Junior.

For Nigerians that dont know, Monkey Sounds are chants or calls aimed at ridiculing or denigrating Black sportspeople, usually footballers, who play in majority-White countries. The chants are intended to imitate “monkey” or “ape” noises.

They may be accompanied by “monkey gestures”, in imitation of the scratching of the armpits commonly seen amongst ape species.

The chants are expressive of the ethnic slurs “macaca” and “monkey” against people of African heritage (Wikipedia)

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