Is Bobrisky A Woman Or A Man? Before and After Transformation of His Real Face

Is Bobrisky A Woman Or A Man? Before and After Transformation of His Real Face

After living as a man for nearly 25 years, Bobrisky underwent a series of surgeries to transition into a woman.

As Nigeria’s first self-identified transgender woman, Bobrisky gained popularity through social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Her transformation journey became widely known when she started dressing in a feminine manner and sharing photos of herself on social media.

Over time, Bobrisky progressed from merely dressing as a woman to fully embracing her true identity. This article aims to provide comprehensive insights into Bobrisky’s original gender, the process of her transition, and the various surgeries she has undergone thus far.

Bobrisky as a Boy Before Transformation

Bobrisky was born Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju on 31st August 1991 in Ebuttemeta Lagos, Nigeria. The Instagram sensation was born a male into a polygamous home of Yoruba origin. It was revealed that his late mother noticed quite early his preference for female attires as well as his attitude that represents everything female.

Just as expected of a typical African parent, the woman tried her best to beat the “disorder” out of Bob. But, all her efforts and the measures taken towards that eventually proved unsuccessful as Bobrisky, rather than changing, continued to grow deeper in feminine activities.

His personality was all portrayed in female life including cooking and cleaning, and his mother had no further choice but to accept him like that.

What Does Bobrisky’s Real Face Look like Before Surgery?

Apart from cross-dressing, another thing that helped drew lots of attention to Bobrisky was his skin color transformation. This came after he had become popular on social media.

Initially, Bobrisky was a typical dark-skinned guy but has now transformed into a snow-white-skinned girl, thanks to his bleaching cream expertise. He has a personal online store of skin lightening products which include knuckle creams, body scrubs, shower gels, etc.

His Crossdressing Life was a Strategy

According to Bobrisky, his decision to take on a new identity was stirred by his hunger for fame, popularity, and wealth. After his university education, he started selling women’s clothing and beauty products.

This added to his longtime interest in wearing female things and drawing attention was made quite easy for him. He also began to sell cosmetics and body creams and gained the attention he long desired. Bob turned it into a strategy for improving his business.

As we have mentioned earlier, Bobrisky started cross-dressing from a very young age. He preferred wearing female attire, and even sometimes, he managed to wear a man’s clothes, he would make sure to look girly in them by styling them in a way to also appear girlish.

In fact, the crossdresser has succeeded in his cross-dressing game that he can now easily pass for a woman.

Furthermore, Bobrisky divulged that one of the reasons he changed himself to a woman was because of the too much struggle he went through even after he graduated from the University of Lagos.

According to the male barbie, he noticed that almost all his female friends are cashing out, so, he took advantage of some of the existing female features he already had and started crossdressing.

Bobrisky’s Old Pictures and Childhood Photos

Many have always shown curiousness in seeing what Bobrisky’s before and after pictures look like, especially before his cross-dressing days. He was by birth, a dark-skinned guy with short hair, but now, he has turned into African Barbie with fair skin. Here is a look at some of his old and childhood photos.

Did Bobrisky Have Surgery?

There has been much question on if Bobrisky has actually undergone permanent surgery to become a woman. At first, Bob stated on a number of occasions that he has no interest in physically becoming a woman but later changed his mind about it.

Today, Bobrisky has gone on to change a few things in his body. He also said that he had been taking drugs that are capable of modifying hormones to make him more feminine.

In 2019, Bobrisky went for liposuction surgery in Dubai. Giving an update on his liposuction surgery, he bemoaned the painful experience he went through to have the flawless shape and look he now flaunts.

He confessed that liposuction is not easy as all of his body is swollen and he couldn’t sit with his buttocks for one month. Other surgeries he has reportedly undergone are face surgery and butt-lift surgery to enhance his buttock.

In December 2020, he disclosed that he would be going for a full genital surgery in the following year which is 2021.

In his subsequent post on Instagram, he mentioned a Doctor Philip in Columbia who will do the surgery on him at a cost of $300,000. He even said to have banked the money and was all ready to hit Columbia and also don’t care if there be complications from it.

In an attempt to affirm his stand, he posted a photo of someone who underwent a sex change and wrote; “If she didn’t die during her sex change, trust me I won’t die. God forbid if I did no problem…”

There is no video of Bobrisky undergoing any type of surgery but below is a clip of different photos of his transformed body.

What Bobrisky Looks Like After Surgery

In July 2021, Bobrisky was seen flaunting a new body shape in a post where he wore a bikini. Before then, he had previously posted a video showing off his new body curves and shaking his backside to show exactly how big it has grown.

His post triggered diverse reactions and comments on Instagram. While some were busy congratulating him, others disbelieved his claims of undergoing any surgery.

Some of his critics even mentioned that he only used photoshop to come up with the new look. Here are some of the comments he received on the post; “Bob is back with photoshop”, “Idris, me and you know say na Photoshop but awww”, “Lori iro….bob no do body…Baba Dey clout chase…”, “I Kuku talk say he no do surgery people no believe me”

What’s more, Bobrisky has really spent his time and money transforming himself from being a man to a woman.

Regardless of contrary information widespread on social media, Bobrisky is still not believed to have undergone any permanent gender reassignment surgery to become a woman, and it seems he is dreading this final stage.

Nevertheless, he does not care about all the rumors about his sexuality nor wastes his time responding to his critics.

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