Even in 2023, these 7 absurdities are still held by many Nigerians

Even in 2023, these 7 absurdities are still held by many Nigerians

Every culture has a unique set of values and customs that influence how it sees the world.

People in Nigeria, a nation with over 200 ethnic groups and a complicated past, have a vast variety of beliefs.
Some of these ideas, though, can be rather peculiar and may be hard for outsiders to comprehend.

In this article, we’ll examine some of the most unusual ideas that some Nigerians have and consider whether or not they’re true.

  1. A man can have his penis stolen by another person while he is still alive and well.
  2. Humans can turn into animals (vultures, bats, cats, goats, camels etc). Some also believe that humans can turn into tubers of yam.
  3. Decomposing humans body parts can turn into lots of money or make your business to excel.
  4. Humans can disappear. They will vehemently argue with you that they witness an accident scene where the driver disappeared magically when the accident was about to happen. Some just believe people can disappear and appear in different cities or countries.
  5. Humans can deflect bullets from machine guns like AK-47, AR15, M16 etc just by tying dead animal skins, rubber beads or cowries on their hands or waist.
  6. Miracle money. A pastor can send money into your account just by decreeing it.
  7. Killing and sacrificing humans to spirits and demons will give you the ability to hypnotise people living in other countries and command them to give you their money(Yahoo yahoo plus).

They will start to treat you like a strange, wicked person if you tell them that it’s all nonsense and that you don’t believe any of this crazy rhetoric.

Do you hold any of these beliefs?

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