IS TOO BAD! See What Nigerian Loan Companies Did To People Who Owe Them (Share Your Experience Too)

IS TOO BAD! See What Nigerian Loan Companies Did To People Who Owe Them (Share Your Experience Too)

Let’s speak about these loan firms today and how bad I think their repayment policies are.

I realize that many Nigerians are criminally inclined and must be made to repay the loans they obtained, but I find the approaches many of these businesses are doing to be too poor, dreadful, and any other deplorable adjectives you can think of to describe them as.

For a while, I wanted to talk about this, but I kept forgetting until today, when I made up my mind to publish this piece.

What exactly took place…

Someone I know is HIV positive, and I should ask him to pay his loan, according to a text message I received.

I didn’t understand how this related to me at all.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number, only to discover that the person had obtained a loan for N20,000 but was unable to pay it back.
He claims that after defaulting for two days, they began informing the individuals he knows that he is HIV positive.

I was astounded since I had no idea why a company would consider subjecting a person to such treatment.

It was an awful experience, and I don’t believe anyone should be treated that way. Too bad.

How do they get your friends’ phone numbers?

In case you weren’t aware, whenever you downloaded one of these Loan Apps (mostly owned by Chinese), they had automatic access to your Connections and could choose the information of anyone closest to you or all of your contacts.

They will begin sending them a series of messages criticizing you if you don’t pay back within the specified period. All of this is done without your knowledge.

In developed nations like the US, UK, and Germany, this is a felony, but this is Nigeria.
Most of these businesses can do whatever they want in our nation and get away with it.

Here are a few examples of screenshots showing what these loan firms perform.

Can you picture it?

  • just look at those terrible pictures!

In sophisticated nations, these immoral and careless deeds are impossible because they are not even permitted to access your contact list, let alone send them messages if you fall behind.

Without going completely insane, I believe they can find a better approach to get defaulters to pay back.

However, I am aware that certain Nigerians require treatment akin to that of a goat before acting appropriately.

Now it’s your turn.

Have You Ever Been in a Situation Like This Before?
How were you feeling?

Do You Know Anyone Else Who Has Had This Happen to Them?

Did They Pay Back Eventually?

If this has already occurred to you or someone you know, please share your experience with us.

Let’s hear from each of you.

Please comment.

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  1. God!!! They posted my sister also cos she didn’t pay back the loan she requested of them,but come to think of it. With this they’re doing now will the victim now pay back or what??? Na them wise pass,foolish people claiming to be wise

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