According to Pastor Adeboye, “What EFCC Did To Me After God Gave Me A Private Jet”

According to Pastor Adeboye, “What EFCC Did To Me After God Gave Me A Private Jet”

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, who serves as the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Worldwide, has disclosed what the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) did to him after receiving a private aircraft from God.

Remember that in 2015, the revered Pastor Adeboye sold his earlier Gulfstream GIV with the tail number N707EA and bought a brand-new US-registered Gulfstream G550.

The arrival of the private jet, which was purported to have been purchased to facilitate his mission work by partners and individuals who believed in his ministry, set off a backlash, particularly on social media, as some Nigerians denounced the typically modest, low-profile pastor for siding with those who are accused of abusing their members.

The purchase of the jet, however, evidently did not sit well with certain Nigerians, who prompted the EFCC to look into the man of God.

Adeboye informed the congregation of worshipers that the anti-crime agency was looking into him and his ministry because of the private plane while preaching at the inaugural Holy Ghost Service in 2023 at the Camp, which was broadcast globally on various electronic platforms on Friday night.

He emphasized that God utilized a rainbow with an unusual cyclic shape to reassure him that He (God) has him covered despite the barrage of criticism from detractors. He claimed the onslaught of comments made him frightened, and he looked to God for guidance.

“I bought the jet for God’s work, not for my own enjoyment.
I frequently travel the world, so using a commercial aircraft to get to these locations would not have been practical, he said.

He gave a story to support his hectic schedule.

“One day, I wrapped up a meeting in Europe that had attendees from 33 different countries.
After the meeting, I immediately took a flight to Hong Kong, where I completed my mission. I then took a flight to Singapore, where I completed my program, before moving to Australia and then Papua New Guinea.
And I had to go there so that I could return in time for the following Holy Ghost Service in Nigeria,” he stated.

Adeboye cautioned “so-called prophets who have been prophesying on who will win the election to quit fooling the public” on the 2023 presidential election, adamant that God has not yet spoken regarding the Nigerian election.

He discredited such “prophets,” emphasizing that what they were doing was merely speculation rather than actual prophecy (guess work).

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  1. The question is, what is a pastor doing with a private jet when most of his members can barely afford 3 square meal or even a bicycle?


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