In TECNO’s Exciting Task, Soma, Cross, Ike, and Cee-C Shine

In TECNO’s Exciting Task, Soma, Cross, Ike, and Cee-C Shine

Are you curious about what occurred in Biggie‘s home on Saturday? So get ready for an exciting update on what happened!

Everyone was enthralled as the Big Brother Naija stage transformed into a contest of intelligent reasoning, imagination, and thrilling surprises. Here’s a fast recap that will make you feel as though you were there, whether you were there in person or missed it.

Imagine the participants going about their daily activities in the house on a typical day. They are unaware that a surprise is waiting for them. One of the show’s sponsors, TECNO, delivers a bomb: they’re launching a challenge that will absolutely shatter their heads. Do you sense the tension rising?

Boom! When the Arena doors swing wide, the residents are greeted by a scene straight out of a Hollywood film. The scene is set for a fantastic adventure with an eruption of creativity and mayhem. Four teams are formed out of the competitors: CAMON 20 Premier, CAMON 20 Pro 5G, CAMON 20 Pro, and CAMON 20. Prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime!

Keep your headwear on because the first obstacle will completely blow your mind. A chest needs to be opened by two people from each squad, but there’s a catch: there are not one, not two, but seven locks on it! Which keys? They’re actually tucked away among a stack of cubes.

They have fifteen minutes to figure out this riddle as the timer starts to run out. It’s a race against time as hands scramble through cubes in an effort to locate those elusive keys. It looks like a movie scene!

As the sands of time slipped past their fingers, a heated rivalry developed. In the end, the CAMON 20 Premier team—made up of Soma, Cross, Ike, and CeeC—came out on top. Their dexterous fingers and adept synchronization secured their lead, propelling them forward.

However, the struggle was far from done. Another trick up TECNO‘s sleeve required tenacity and the very best of imagination. This time, the housemates must make music videos for the songs Pick Up, Somebody’s Son, Loaded, and Stamina by Tiwa Savage. It was game time when the housemates received costumes that matched the vibe of each song.

It was entertaining to watch the housemates plan, organize, and shoot these movies in a short amount of time. It was a frenzy of creativity and ardor. And what about that? The CAMON 20 Premier team demonstrated their mastery of beautiful video creation in addition to their skill at picking locks.

They were given the title of the creative champs for their standout video that combined originality and tenacity. An exciting Saturday night celebration was the night’s finale.

It so happened that the housemates were not the only winners on a night of delectable creative displays. Twenty viewers who took part in the online quiz and trivia won N5,000 each.

Don’t worry or feel like you failed if you were not a part of them. There will soon be more opportunities. To enter to win incredible prizes like airtime and cash, simply join the discussion about BBNaija All-Stars and TECNO using the hashtag #BBNaijaxTECNO on Twitter and other social media sites.

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