Reasons Why Phyno Raps in Igbo (See Reasons)

Reasons Why Phyno Raps in Igbo (See Reasons)

One of the most well-known rappers in Nigeria is Phyno. He is renowned for his distinctive sound, which fuses hip hop with Igbo traditional music.

According to Phyno, he raps in Igbo because he values being authentic and respects his culture.

Phyno stated in a conversation with the Nigerian Tribune,

“I rap in Igbo because I respect my culture and I love being myself. I want to show the world that Igbo is a beautiful language and that it can be used to make great music.”

Although Phyno is not the first Igbo rapper, he is among the most popular. He has inspired a new generation of Igbo rappers and contributed to make Igbo rap music more well-known. Non-Igbo speakers enjoy Phyno’s music as well because of its distinctive sound and upbeat lyrics.

Igbo rapping by Phyno is a brave move. It is an opposition to the status quo, which frequently supports music in the English language. Phyno, though, has demonstrated that it’s possible to succeed in the music business without sacrificing your culture or identity.

For young people who want to be themselves and who want to use music to change the world, Phyno serves as an inspiration.

He serves as a reminder of the value of upholding your culture and taking pride in who you are.

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