PLEASE READ!! The Main Reason Why Nigerians Do Yahoo Yahoo

PLEASE READ!! The Main Reason Why Nigerians Do Yahoo Yahoo

When you ask a Yahoo boy why they are defrauding white people, one of their silly excuses is that they are recovering what the white man stole from their forefathers and for enslaving them.

“Yahoo” in this context refers to individuals who engage in online fraud or scamming activities. These individuals typically target unsuspecting victims, often through email or online platforms, with the aim of obtaining money or personal information through deceptive means. The term “Yahoo” originated from the early days of internet fraud, where scammers used Yahoo email services to carry out their illicit activities.

The white man did not bring slavery to Africa; rather, they met slavery in Africa and leveraged it. They arrived and found untapped business opportunities and took advantage of them. They did not create it.

In the history of African slavery, slaves were mainly captured and sold by fellow Africans to white people. The white slave traders, with good hearts, treated their slaves fairly, and some of those slaves and their descendants are now living well in the West today.

On the other hand, the white slave traders with evil intentions treated their slaves unfairly, and some of them drowned in the Atlantic Ocean.

Look around you today. All the companies owned and managed by white men in Nigeria, pay well and treat their employees fairly. But those owned and managed by fellow Africans suffer and underpay their workers.

Can the white man be held responsible for this as well?

The history of African slavery is something I have never blamed the white man for, having witnessed how Africans themselves mistreat fellow Africans who are at their mercy.

Every Yahoo Boys Reading This, EFCC Will Catch You Soon!

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