See Why Wizkid and Portable Are Ignored by the Headies Awards

See Why Wizkid and Portable Are Ignored by the Headies Awards

The 2023 Headies Award nominees have been revealed, and Wizkid and Portable are two notable omissions.

In 2022, Wizkid, one of Africa’s most well-known and prosperous musicians, released his album “Made in Lagos (Deluxe Edition)”.

The album was well received by critics and consumers alike, and it gave rise to a number of successful songs, including “Essence” and “No Stress.”

Fast-rising talent Portable made his debut in 2022 and followed that year with the publication of his debut album. The album was a big success and had a number of well-known hits, such as “Zazu Zeh” and “Omo Ope.”

Despite the popularity of their albums, Wizkid and Portable did not win any Headies Award nominations in 2023. As a result, several fans have claimed that the Headies Awards have ignored them.

Fans have been venting their dissatisfaction at the Headies Awards on social media. A few people have described the rejection as a “disgrace,” while others have said that it is “proof that the Headies Awards are rigged.”

The Headies Awards have yet to respond to the omissions. The awards committee might have believed that Wizkid and Portable’s albums didn’t match the requirements for candidacy, though.

Whatever the cause, the snubs have undoubtedly drawn attention. Watching Wizkid and Portable’s reactions to the news will be entertaining.

Why Were Portable And Wizkid Neglected?

There are a few potential explanations for why the Headies Awards passed over Wizkid and Portable.

The Headies Awards are renowned for honoring musical achievements that are both critically and commercially successful. The awards committee might have believed that Wizkid and Portable's albums fell short of the rigorous standards they had established.

The Headies Awards in 2023 will feature fierce competition. It’s probable that Wizkid and Portable weren’t the best albums published in 2022 because there were numerous other successful albums from other artists.

Bias: In the past, the Headies Awards have been accused of bias. It’s likely that the awards committee had some sort of bias against Wizkid or Portable.

It is impossible to pinpoint the exact reason Wizkid and Portable were passed upon. The omission has, however, undoubtedly raised some questions and spurred a discussion regarding the fairness of the Headies Awards.

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