You Have 14 Days To Apologize Or – Celestial Prophet Tells Pastor David Ibiyeomie

You Have 14 Days To Apologize Or – Celestial Prophet Tells Pastor David Ibiyeomie

A video is making the rounds online where a prophet of the Celestial Church of Christ gives the founder of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, 14 days to apologize for his recent comment about white garment churches or face dire consequences.

Few days ago, Pastor David Ibiyeomie trends online as he disclosed to his denomination that he dislike the white garment churches.

He said;

“Do you know why I hate white garment churches, people don’t know why I hate them. if you know what they do you will never like them. They can take your surname and put it inside bottle of gin and make incantations…”

“That’s how they do it. All these yeye prophets will take the name of somebody and put it inside the local gin and read all those demonic Psalms in it.”

Addressing Ibiyeomie’s controversial statement, a prophet who identified himself as a “Bonafide celestial prophet” emphasized that Ibiyeomie had made a serious mistake and needed to apologize to the celestial community.

The prophet reiterated that if Ibiyeomie failed to apologize within 14 days, there would be consequences.

In his words;

“I am saying that I want to speak to Mr. or Pastor David Ibiyeomie; I am a bona fide celestial prophet. But what he said to us, the celestials, was that he really made a terrible mistake, and as a man of God, we are expecting him within those 14 days that the supreme evangelist spoke against him to apologize. If he did not, this is not a word of threat; he will visit our God.”

Watch the video below;

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