Manchester City 2023/24 Premier League Fixtures

Manchester City 2023/24 Premier League Fixtures

The supporters of the English Premier League are yet to relish the excitement that they got from the 2022/23 season which saw Manchester City crowned Champions for the third consecutive season.

Manchester City will hope they can dominate the league this campaign, the same way they have done in the last few seasons.

Who is Manchester City First 2023/24 Premier League Fixture?

The Champions will welcome their legend Vincent Kompany who will be leading Burnley to the Etihad on Friday, August 13th, 2023.

When is the Manchester Derby?

Manchester City play their noisy neighbors on October 28th, 2023 at Old Trafford before hosting them at the Etihad on March 2nd, 2024 for the second leg.

When is the game against Chelsea?

Both legs against the Blues will be played on November 11th, 2023, and February 17th, 2024.
When will they face Arsenal?

They play Arsenal at the Emirates on October 7th,2023 before hosting the Gunners on March 30th, 2024.

When is Manchester City vs Liverpool?

The first leg of this mouth-watering fixture will take place on November 25th, 2023 at the Etihad, and on March 2nd, 2024 at Anfield.

See full fixtures:


11: Burnley (a)

19: Newcastle (h)

26: Sheffield United (a)


2: Fulham (h)

16: West Ham (a)

23: Nottingham Forest (h)

30: Wolves (a)


7: Arsenal (a)

21: Brighton (h)

28: Man United (a)


4: Bournemouth (h)

11: Chelsea (a)

25: Liverpool (h)


2: Tottenham (h)

5: Aston Villa (a)

9: Luton (a)

16: Crystal Palace (h)

23: Brentford (h)

26: Everton (a)

30: Sheffield United (h)


13: Newcastle (a)

31: Burnley (h)


3: Brentford (a)

10: Everton (h)

17: Chelsea (h)

24: Bournemouth (a)


2: Man Utd (h)

9: Liverpool (a)

16: Brighton (a)

30: Arsenal (h)


3: Aston Villa (h)

6: Crystal Palace (a)

13: Luton (h)

20: Tottenham (a)

27: Nottingham Forest (a)


4: Wolves (h)

11: Fulham (a)

19: West Ham (h)

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