Wizkid on Why He Stopped Going to Parties

Wizkid on Why He Stopped Going to Parties

Singer Wizkid explains partying hiatus. Wizkid revealed to the media that he prefers staying home and discussed his lifestyle.

The singer prefers staying home with his children, based on his age and experience, not others’ opinions.

In his words,

“I’m an Introvert man, I stay indoors, I don’t like to do a lot, I don’t hang out. I used to love all that in the past, but, I am no longer interested in such.

“I think that staying indoors really comes from my age and my personal experiences, not how people perceived me. I’m getting older and getting smarter with my decisions.

“As you grow older you just know what you want more, I don’t want to be at the party, I don’t want to hang out. When I go to the party sometimes, I’m excited to be there, and then someone just spills a drink on me, I would be like, I could be at home with my son, just having a good time.

“Though I don’t feel insulted with such situations, the thought that I could just be home with my child having fun make such a situation a big deal.”

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