5 Reasons Why Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka is in Nigeria

5 Reasons Why Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka is in Nigeria

Arsenal player in Nigeria for holiday, arrived Wednesday. Bukayo Saka, an English footballer born in Nigeria, is now in Lagos, West Africa’s largest city.

Bukayo Saka arrived in Lagos, Nigeria on Wednesday. Saka plans to visit Lagos after 2022-2023 Premier League season.

Saka helped Arsenal to finish 2nd in the season. Bukayo Saka signs new deal with Gunners, including salary raise through 2028. Saka, raised by Nigerian immigrants in the UK, chose to represent England over the Super Eagles.

Saka paid for 120 children’s surgery fees in Nigeria. England winger helps kids in Nigeria with hernias and brain tumors.

Five reasons Bukayo Saka is in Nigeria

  1. Meet with Government top officials

There is a report that Saka will meet with the Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to have a discussion.

Reports have it that the meeting will be based on the relationship with the state on football development.

  1. Check on Children he paid for their surgeries in 2022

We reported that the Arsenal star paid the surgery bills of 120 children last year in Kano. With his vacation in Nigeria, Saka might visit the children and motivate them.

  1. A football academy in Nigeria

Another reason why the England international is in Nigeria might be for him to establish a football academy.

The academy will serve as the hub of talent discovery, giving hope to youngsters. He might join other football stars who have Academies in the country.

Saka and Martinelli were among the star performers this season but it got to a point that they showed a level of fatigue in their game.

  1. Give back to Nigerian kids

Service to humanity has been Saka’s watchword and he has been generous to kids around the globe. His parents are well-known to be givers and helped many of their neighbors in England.

After making payment to cover for surgeries of kids in Kano, the Arsenal winger might use his stay in Nigeria to give back to these kids.

  1. Support Nigerian football

21-year-old, Bukayo Saka had the opportunity to play for Nigeria because his parents are of Yoruba descent.

Only Bukayo Saka has more Arsenal goal contributions than Martin Odegaard in 2022-23

However, the Arsenal star chose to play for the three Lions of England, but his love for Nigeria still remains.

No doubt, Saka will visit the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) where he might have a discussion on how they will collaborate to develop and grow the round leather game.

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