Manchester City Football Club Owners Buy Another Club

Manchester City Football Club Owners Buy Another Club

Manchester City’s owners want to help Brazilian football grow financially after the group bought its 13th club.

Bahia became the latest club to join the City Football Group (CFG).

The club competes in Brazil’s top national league and have won the title twice, most recently in 1988.

“In Brazil, football is the number one sport but it’s not developed as it should from the economic point of view, as happened in Europe 20 years ago,” said CFG boss Ferran Soriano.

“Today, the Premier League is what it is due to how it was structured. It will depend on us and the other Brazilian clubs to grow the championship in a general way.

“The potential is spectacular. It is the greatest source of talent in the world. The opportunity cannot be lost and I want to help.”

Soriano added: “We now begin a journey as partners to help the club reach its full potential.”

He said that “journey” would take place “while staying true to its community, roots, members and the energy that makes Bahia and Brazilian football some of the most exciting in the world”.

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