Manchester United Owes £1 Billion and is in Severe Debt

Manchester United Owes £1 Billion and is in Severe Debt

According to recent data, Manchester United owes £969.6 million in total debt, including gross debt, bank borrowings, and unpaid transfer fees and related obligations.

On Thursday, the club revealed its second quarter financial figures through December 31.

Due to the ongoing “strategic review,” unlike past years, there was no investors’ call after the presentation.

The Premier League team can end up being sold as a result of this.

It is emphasized that the evaluation itself is not related to any short-term liquidity concerns, but rather is focused on how to meet the club’s long-term capital investment demands, notably for upgrades to Old Trafford and the club’s Carrington training facility.

However the sum due to the club has increased.

The club owing £535.7 million as opposed to £477.1 million at the same time last year, despite the fact that the primary debt is still $650 million. This was due to a shift in the currency rate.

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