Apostle Suleman declares his support for Peter Obi

Apostle Suleman declares his support for Peter Obi

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder and head of Omega Fire Ministries, announced on Sunday that he and his family will support the Labour Party (LP) candidate for president in the presidential election on Saturday.

The well-known cleric was applauded by his audience after he said that all of his family members and pastors are Obidients, a term for Peter Obi’s followers.

Apostle Suleman claims that Nigerians are just the victims of two conflicts as he discusses how the country’s citizens have been struggling with the lack of new naira notes.
He used a parable to support his argument, claiming to have heard it from a “madman.”

“All of them (political parties) came together to chase out one man, they collapsed their structure and gave it to one man, they sponsored him with money that they kept at home, they didn’t take the money from the bank, it was at home they kept it, they sponsored him and on an inaugural day, the first thing the man said was that I am for everybody and I am for no one. That should have told them that this is not a reliable person, this is an ingrate, all of them came together again and supported him a second time, not knowing that this person never had them in mind.

“How the person came back and the first thing he said he wants is that they don’t want vote buying, for people to agree to sell their vote it was because you made them poor… You know who you’re targetting why drag all of us into your fight? Some governors are now crying that the policy is harsh on Nigerians. They’re saying we should obey the rule of law, did they obey the court when the Supreme Court ruled that Nnamdi Kanu should be released?”

“Don’t plan your political life around someone who is ungrateful, he will retire you. In Omega Fire Ministries, God has blessed us, no matter the economy of the forest, a Lion cannot eat grass… use this anger to vote against this wickedness. My wife, myself, and children we’re fully Obidients, we’re not those who make noise on social media, we work in the background, and we are fully in support… if you like vote insecurity, tribalism, bigotry, or ethnicity.”

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  1. I too love you sir, this is one pastor in Nigeria that does not pretend, he says it the way it is. Some pastors are not specific, they can’t be bold enough to announce this to the public because they’re still looking for one favour or the other from the useless government.


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