How to Have Your First Conversation with a Girl You Like

How to Have Your First Conversation with a Girl You Like

Perhaps you’ve been daydreaming about approaching a female you’ve
noticed and striking up a conversation with her.
But in most cases, it’s unnerving to approach someone for the first
time; add your new crush to the equation, and you can be a clumsy

However, there are situations when the outcome is completely worth the danger.

Make eye contact first.
Spend a few days occasionally catching her look.
But don’t just stare at her; instead, give her quick looks until you
are face to face and she notices you.
When she does, grin a little and then look away.
It’s better that you flush since blushing shows that you’re nervous,
which is a sign that you like her.

  1. The appropriate timing.
    When you do speak with her, choose a time that works for you.
    You don’t need to be fully alone, but you shouldn’t try to gain her
    attention when she’s plainly preoccupied with something else. Also,
    try to have a little privacy.

Talk to her while you’re both walking somewhere else to make the
interaction more informal (and to set a time restriction).
This is an excellent opening if you start walking home at the same
time she does or if you arrive at a class at the same time she does.

  1. Begin with a positive comment.
    When you complement a female appropriately, she will immediately
    understand that you are interested in being more than just friends
    with her friend .

Here are a few things to think about:

understand how to compliment someone.
If your delivery is poor, even the nicest compliment in the world will
fall flat.
Maintaining a half-smile will naturally cause you to add charming
modulation to your voice as you speak.
(Experiment with this approach occasionally when answering the phone
to see if you notice a difference.)
Maintain eye contact with her and speak to her in a gentle, intimate
tone while lowering the loudness of your voice; this will cause her to
naturally lean in closer to hear you.
If any of this sounds a little challenging, try practicing in front of
a mirror first.

There is a fine but distinct line between flattering and creepy, as
anyone who has ever experienced a stalker can attest.
Consider this as you make your compliment selection.
If you don’t know her well, saying something like, “You always look
fantastic in that shirt,” can come off as strange and suggest that you
are keeping an eye on her.

(Even if you do, it’s advisable not to immediately divulge that information.)
Instead, choose a basic yet adorable statement like “Your grin is beaming today.
What gives you such joy?
alternatively, “I found what you stated earlier in class to be
incredibly intriguing.”
A good compliment shouldn’t just linger awkwardly in the air after you
give it; it should naturally lead to more dialogue.

Understand what to avoid.
If you’re going to compliment a female on her appearance, focus on her
eyes, smile, or hair.
Any further comments about her body should be avoided, especially
during the first encounter.

Pick something you already know she is proud of if you want to be
extra cautious.
Say something like, “I’ve heard you’re a wonderful musician,” and use
it as an opportunity to ask her some questions about it, for example,
if you are aware that she is a committed violinist.

  1. Continue the dialogue.
    You might be tempted to pause the conversation and simply ogle this
    girl, but resist the urge to give in to anxiety.
    It will seem unpleasant if the conversation lapses for a considerable
    amount of time.
  2. As an alternative, prepare a list of fallback inquiries that you
    can refer to in case you encounter an awkward pause.

Inquire about her opinion of a joint homework assignment or an
impending occasion.
Asking her opinion shows her that you are interested in what she has
to say and that you view her as more than simply a piece of furniture.

Be delicate as you use the conversation to learn more about her.
For instance, you could jokingly inquire, “So, anything fun planned
with your guy for the weekend?” to find out whether she already has a
If she is interested in you but doesn’t have one, she will let you
know right away.

Pose open-ended inquiries.
Saying “So, have anything enjoyable planned for the break?” for
instance, would be inappropriate.
“What are you going to do to keep busy while school is out?” might be
responded with a brief “yes” or “no.”
It’s usually preferable to ask a detailed inquiry in order to keep the
conversation moving.

  1. Get her to chuckle (optional). according to blastgist
    If you’re certain that your joke will be well received, try it.
    You want to demonstrate to her that you have a funny sense of humor,
    but you also don’t want to come across as cheesy or desperate.

If you can, make a joke about the current circumstance or an event you
both witnessed.
Situational humor has deeper meaning than an internet joke. visit here

Don’t crack a crude joke.
It’s inappropriate for a first discussion and can make her feel uneasy.

Don’t explain the joke to her if she doesn’t understand it before she asks.
Just quickly transition to a different topic of discussion.

While bad humor is completely repulsive, good humor can be very alluring.
Leave it alone if you’re unable to come up with a joke that fits the

  1. End the exchange quickly.
    Always leave them wanting more, as the phrase goes.
    Find a way to leave the conversation politely before it becomes boring.
    Good fortune!

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