USE CAUTION! Marathon S3x may result in lifelong impotence (Read Here)

USE CAUTION! Marathon S3x may result in lifelong impotence (Read Here)

Men have been advised not to engage in “marathon” s3x by urologists who note that it may result in long-term impotence.

A s3xual marathon typically involves hours or even days of continuous s3xual play.
The specialists emphasized that if priapism, also known as marathon s3x exacerbated by penile fracture and continuous erection, is not properly treated, it can result in irreversible impotence.

The medical specialty of urology focuses on illnesses of the reproductive organs and urinary tract that can be treated surgically or medically.

In addition, the urologists advised against using s3x-enhancing medicines without a prescription, saying that doing so could cause erectile dysfunction.

Priapism happens when blood in the penis becomes clogged and unable to drain, according to Cleveland Clinic.

It was highlighted that if the problem is not addressed right away, scarring and long-term erectile dysfunction may result.

The medical professionals emphasize that marathon sex and the use of illegal sex-enhancing chemicals are linked to a variety of health issues in separate, exclusive interviews with PUNCH HealthWise.

Dr. Gabriel Ogah, a consultant urologist, warned our correspondent that having’marathon’ sex may possibly be fatal.

Ogah, the managing director of Ogah Hospital and Urology Centre in Fugar, Edo State, provided insight into the risk of marathon s3x and the usage of sex-enhancing medications. He said, “Of course, marathon s3x can bring death and bad health.
If you are unfit for it, it could make your heart problems worse.

“Marathon s3x can lead to priapism especially when you are taking drugs, it can lead to penile fracture. And both of them can lead to permanent impotence.

“Marathon s3x can cause permanent impotence if it is complicated by penile fracture and priapism which are not treated expeditiously.

“Priapism is the excessive erection of the penis which does not come down. It is defined as the inappropriate election of the penis. If someone takes drugs to have marathon s3x, the penis may refuse to go down thereafter.”

According to him, a lot of young people are now taking s3x-enhancing drugs.

“That is not advisable. Nowadays, I see a lot of young people who take sex enhancers, they get priapism.

“This year alone, I have operated on four people who were having s3x and their joysticks refused to come down.

“The penis becomes long, about 12 inches long, it doesn’t come down at all. You have to operate on them before they can come down. Then in the past two years, I have treated people who when they are having s3x because of the way and manner, the position, they had a penile fracture”, he said.

Calling for caution during segxwal intercourse, the urologist states that when the penis is erect, it can break like a stick.

He noted, “I operated on one four months ago, and not only that the penis break into two, but the urethra also broke into two. I have to first of all repair the urethra before I repair the penis.

“Marathon s3x can lead to penile fracture, especially if the lady is on top and is intoxicated by the sex and she is wiggling buttocks around.

“The penis will just break into two, it will bend. That one needs surgery. If the surgery is not done within 24 hours, the person will never have an erection for life.”

Ogah frowned at the rate at which young people get involved in marathon sex and are coming down with penile fractures.

“We are not having this problem with mature people. Young people are the ones having this problem. Those between the ages of 18 to 30 years are the most affected”, he noted

Don't use s3x-enhancing medicines unless a doctor has recommended them, he advised.
Never use any s3x-enhancing substances without a prescription from a doctor.

Erectile dysfunction may result from the negative effects of s3x-enhancing medicines, according to Dr. Bakare Hamzat, another urologist.

According to Hamzat, who works at the Alimosho General Hospital in Igando, Lagos's Department of Surgery's Urology Unit, using s3x-enhancing medicines in excess is risky and harmful. 

Chances are high that they will have erectile dysfunction. The side effects of s3x-enhancing drugs can lead to priapism,” he said.

According to the urologist, penile fractures caused by priapism patients’ surgeries may prevent them from having prolonged erections in the future.

A penile fracture is distinct from other fractures in the body because the penis is boneless, according to Mayo Clinic.

“During an erection, the penis is engorged with blood that fills two cylinders (corpora cavernosa). If an engorged penis is bent suddenly or forcefully, the trauma can rupture the outer lining of one of the two cylinders (tunica albuginea). This can result in a penis fracture.

“The trauma is most often caused by s3xual intercourse, such as when the penis slips out of the honeypot and is accidentally thrust against the pelvis,” the clinic noted.

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