Mercy Eke spills, “BBNaija Relationships Are The Biggest Scam.”

Mercy Eke spills, “BBNaija Relationships Are The Biggest Scam.”

In October 2019, Mercy Eke, a well-known media figure in Nigeria and the winner of Big Brother Naija’s fourth season, shared an unusual fact regarding the relationships on the program.

Mercy revealed out about her relationship with Ike Onyeama, a fellow housemate, during a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo. The relationship terminated abruptly after the program.

“BBNaija relationships are the biggest scam, it was even original for me initially, as a matter of fact, if I had known that I was a strong housemate and that people loved me for me, I wouldn’t have bothered getting involved with him.

“I wouldn’t say it was a strategy, for me, we flowed with it but we had to put up a show even when not happy for people who aren’t even in relationships. If it is not working out, you move but in my case I couldn’t, I had to be there cos of money, otherwise, I won’t have my complete money,” Mercy Eke spilled.

Mercy spilled more, saying that Phynna, a new female champion of the reality competition, was the reason she was hoping the media's focus would finally switch from her to Phynna.

Mercy described her Igbo accent as, 

“I schooled in Owerri, primary and secondary. It was only the National Youth Service that made me leave Owerri. How do they expect me to speak?”

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