How a Soldier Was Beaten to Stupor in Lekki for Murdering Visitors at a Funeral

How a Soldier Was Beaten to Stupor in Lekki for Murdering Visitors at a Funeral

The funeral of a deceased Mathew Ekpu was attacked by some military troops, and as a result, a visitor named David Chinonso was killed at Owode, Ogombo Community in the Ibeju-Lekki neighborhood of Lagos State.

According to reports, the 15 uniformed troops went to the location to stop the body from being buried on the deceased’s land.

This provoked a brawl, in which one of the deceased’s sons, Victor, was hit in the head with an iron, and Chinonso was shot in the chest.

When contacted by PUNCH Metro, the deceased’s children claimed that their brother, Richard, was responsible for planning and organizing the attack on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

Victoria Abimbola, one of the kids, claimed Richard had plans to buy their father’s property and had that the dead be laid to rest in their Akwa Ibom State birthplace.

She stated:

“My father gave birth to 10 children, and before he died, he told us that Richard, his second son, built a house for him in our village. We were happy when we first heard until Richard told him that the house he built was in exchange for my father’s house in Lagos.

“The rest of us disagreed with the decision and we told him that the house is the only property our father has in Lagos and it is more like a family house to every one of us. After that, he started putting pressure on our father, who later fell sick and died on September 5.

“After our father’s death, he (Richard) prevented us from burying him in the house. He also tried to stop us with policemen the day we took the corpse from the mortuary for burial, but we restricted him.”

Victor, a different family member, claimed he was assaulted while attempting to question the military personnel that disrupted the funeral.

He stated:

“Some uniformed men came in the morning to stop us from burying our father, but since they did not provide any document that warranted their visit, we sent them away.

“So, we were holding a thanksgiving service in the church adjacent to our father’s house when the officials returned with five military men. They entered the premises and started to destroy property. When I stepped out of the church, I saw them assaulting the 15-year-old son of my brother, Daniel.

By the time I inquired as to what had transpired, one of them had struck me on the head with an iron rod and another had struck me from behind with a club.
I immediately tripped.
When the guests who witnessed the incident challenged the uniformed men, one of them shot David Chinonso, who later died while being transported to the hospital.

Richard, however, refuted the accusations, asserting that his siblings had given their approval before buying the house.

He stated: 

    “Our father needed money to build a house in his hometown in Akwa Ibom and relocate there, so he told my brother, David, who is his first son, to buy the house so that the property would stay within the family, but he did not.

    “Then in 2020, my father asked all of us to jointly acquire the house, but others complained about funds. When my brother Victor suggested an external buyer with the intention of getting a commission, my father declined and approached me to acquire the house. He also told them and they all agreed.

    “So, I struggled to provide the fund, built the house, and got the documents. Since then, they started making financial demands on me and because I could not provide them, they conspired against me and my father.

    “My father told me how they threatened to kill him, bury him and use his grave to claim the property. I told them if they did not want me to take possession of the house, they should return the money, but they did not. And since my father insisted on being buried in his hometown before he died, I reported the matter to the police.

    “They were invited for questioning but they did not show up. While my elder brother moved into the house with his family, they also rushed to bury my father there. That was how the relevant authorities I reported the matter to moved against them and not me.”

Benjamin Hundeyin, the state police's public relations officer, confirmed the occurrence.

He stated: 

“We are aware and the case has been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department. The military officers were invited and they provided the information needed and their details. I will do a follow-up to confirm the update.”

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