Buju Must Study Portable, by Don Jazzy

Buju Must Study Portable, by Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy, a well-known music executive, has admitted that he trains his musicians by using the controversial singer Portable as a case study.

In an interview with Joey Akan, the Mavins founder revealed how Portable’s controversial lifestyle puts him in the public eye, in contrast to Buju, who, despite his brilliance, doesn’t receive the same kind of press as Portable.

Don Jazzy used the example of Portable, who has been in the spotlight for a year and has a million Instagram followers, as opposed to Buju, who is still trying to catch up, to further illustrate his argument.

Because Portable keeps a lot of people entertained, he remarked, algorithms would continue to prefer him over Buju.

The music executive claimed that he is still drilling Portable’s plan into the minds of his artists, including Rema and Ayra Starr.

“When someone like Zazuu came out, I was checking out some celebrities on social media.

Buju is a great musician, but when Zazuu released his song, he gained 1 million more followers than Buju, who had seven number-one singles the year before.
But I’m not arguing that Instagram followers are important.

“Buju is talented, but Zazuu was able to shine because he is charismatic, God really liked him, and he had the support of famous people.
I am not going anywhere, he declared.

“I use him as an example for my artists, telling them that if they sit down and start constructing algorithms, they will abandon them and go where the music is pumping.
The algorithm follows the attention.

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