View Davido’s Reaction to IsraelDMW’s Apology to Muslims for Him

View Davido’s Reaction to IsraelDMW’s Apology to Muslims for Him

The internationally acclaimed and award-winning singer Davido has accepted the unasked-for assistance from Isreal DMW, his logistics manager.

After Israel apologized to the Muslim community on behalf of Davido, the “Feel” singer took the action of unfollowing Israel on Instagram.

The Nation reported that Davido uploaded a song video on his Twitter account to support his performer, Logos Olori. The “Jaye Lo” music video, however, included shots of people dancing and worshiping in a structure that resembled a mosque.

Some Muslim community members found this portrayal upsetting and said it showed disrespect for their faith.

Davido swiftly removed the video from his Facebook in response to criticism and requests, refusing to address the issue further.

In the meantime, Davido’s logistics manager, Isreal DMW, apologized to Muslims on his behalf on Instagram.

Isreal DMW’s apology is here:

Isreal clarified that the music video was only intended for fun and that Davido’s goal was to encourage and assist a person he believed in.

Isreal received acclaim from online users for his considerate act, however it appears that Davido wasn’t fully happy with it because he unfollowed Isreal on Instagram.

Davido has opted to remain mute as the debate over the 45-second video clip intensifies, leaving fans and followers to speculate about his position on the matter.

Did IsrealDMW Go Too Far When He Apologized for His Oga, Guys?

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