Tribunal rejects Obi’s request due to inadequate documents – Find Out More

Tribunal rejects Obi’s request due to inadequate documents – Find Out More

The Presidential Election Petition Court had to stop hearing Mr Peter Gregory Obi and the Labour Party’s petition against President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s election three times.

court dismissed the petition because the documents needed to prove that there were bad actions during the February 25th election were not submitted on time.

Thursday, the court found out that the papers weren’t arranged the way the court had asked.

the process of giving out official papers from the 23 areas of Benue, many mistakes and differences were found.

tried to fix the problems and fix the documents, but we couldn’t because the mistakes were too difficult to solve right away.

and his team tried to use some papers that were not officially submitted to help their case, but this was not allowed because it was against the rules.

court stopped listening to the case and asked the lawyers to submit the necessary documents again as per the pre-hearing report.

request to be heard had faced difficulties three times, causing a change in when it would be heard.

Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed were in court, while their lawyers were rushing to file new documents.

five judges including Justice Haruna Simon Tsammani in charge of the case have gone to their private room and are waiting for the lawyers to be ready.

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