The Juventus manager reveals when Pogba will next play

The Juventus manager reveals when Pogba will next play

After suffering a new injury setback in training, Juventus coach Max Allegri has confirmed that midfielder Paul Pogba will play again for the team in three months.

Allegri said that Pogba, who has recovered from knee surgery, pulled up short in training yesterday. This was before Juventus’ Coppa Italia quarterfinal matchup with Lazio on Thursday night.

He stated, “When the players have been back for a lengthy period of time, I think of Chiesa out for ten months or Paul [Pogba] for six months, since July 23, they are battling because they have to restart a car that has been standing still for a lengthy period of time.

Pogba worked out well this last week.
The engine needs to calm down, and that takes time, as it did with Chiesa, so he felt some pain after that.

He continued, “Perhaps in 2-3 months, he’ll be in top shape.”

Pogba, 29, departed Manchester United for Juventus in the 2022 summer transfer window.

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