Portable To Face 6-count Charges In Court – Police

Portable To Face 6-count Charges In Court – Police

According to CSP Muyiwa Adejobi, the Police Force’s Public Relations Officer, controversal street performer Habeeb Okikiola, aka Portable, would be charged with at least six counts of assault and inciting against police personnel.

The FPRO provided an explanation on Twitter for why the police took so long to take action against MC Oluomo, who threatened certain electorates during the 2023 polls but was quick to apprehend Portable.

The Force PRO tweeted in response to a user:

“I am sure u are very awake as I have addressed MCs case, but portable has more than 6 count charges to attend to, apart from resisting arrest and injuring a policeman.

“He will be charged to court for beating up a guy in Otta, who filed a petition to CP Ogun.

“There are many pending cases of assaults on people and attacks, and he will be investigated because people have complained against him.

“So, there is no sentiment in law, let him appear in court, and allow the judge to listen to the charges against him. He has no constitutional immunity anyway. Ire o.”

Portable had during the week, shared an Instagram Live video claiming that some police personnel stormed his bar at Sango Ota at the instance of an Internet fraudster.

The video, which has since gone viral, sparked some outrage online, which prompted the Ogun State Police Command to invite the singer to their office. However, Portable refused to show up.

However, the singer was picked up on Friday by policemen and is expected to spend the weekend in detention.

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