Football fans Is JOAO FELIX cursed or is Chelsea the Problem?

Football fans Is JOAO FELIX cursed or is Chelsea the Problem?

Is there some sort of curse on Chelsea?

Why would a new player be sent off in their first game?

Following the 2–1 match between Fulham and Chelsea, Joao Felix trended for nearly ten hours.

Football fans discussed how the freshly signed player’s red card could demoralize the team and influence his performance for Chelsea for the term of his loan. The recently signed player was trending for the red card he received in his debut game for the Blues on Twitter.

If you’re wondering why I believe Joao Felix is cursed, the Tweets I observed that gave me that impression are listed below.

Look below.

Before some Chelsea supporters start hurling shoes at me, I’ll just stop here.

You can view the video below if you missed the game and would like to see what he did to get the red card.

the video below:

What a poor beginning for the player!
To the EPL, welcome!

now on to you all

JOAO FELIX, is he cursed?

Maybe Chelsea is the problem, maybe there’s nothing wrong with him.

Let’s hear your opinions on this matter from everyone.

Please comment.

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