How Gunmen Threatened Messi and Fired Shots at a Family Shop

How Gunmen Threatened Messi and Fired Shots at a Family Shop

According to Lionel Messi of Paris Saint-Germain, the gunmen who attacked a store in his birthplace of Rosario on Thursday left him a threatening note.

The grocery store “Unico” is located in the Lavalle neighborhood and is owned by a relative of Messi’s wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, who is also a native of the Argentine city.

According to, police were called to the scene early on Thursday morning after it was alleged that 14 rounds were fired at the store’s shutters and front door.

After leaving the PSG forward with a menacing message, two people riding a motorcycle were spotted escaping the site.

“Messi, we are waiting for you,” the note read. “Javkin is a drug dealer. He is not going to look after you.”

The remarks are in reference to Rosario’s mayor, Pablo Javkin, who addressed the level of violence and the demand for more police officers in a city where crime is on the rise following the tragedy.

The major city in the Santa Fe province of central Argentina is Rosario, which is located 186 miles (300 kilometers) north of Buenos Aires.

Although no one was hurt in the attack on Thursday, the store is believed to have sustained severe damage.

After his role in helping Argentina win their third world championship in Qatar, Messi was named FIFA’s The Best Men’s Player 2022 during an awards ceremony on Monday in Paris.

He and Roccuzzo have not yet made any comments regarding the incident.

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